Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a full-time employee of the Hobbs Municipal Public Schools for a minimum of the last five years.

  • Must be employed as a teacher and actually teaching in the classroom. No administrative or non-teaching employees will be eligible.

  • The teacher cannot be a relative of Burton or Mark Veteto (organizers).

  • The teacher cannot be a relative of any employee of Burton or Mark Veteto or an employee of the Veteto Foundation or employees of any organization under the control of Burton and/or Mark Veteto.

  • The teacher cannot be a relative of anyone on the committee.

  • Relatives will include spouse, domestic partner, brothers and sisters (whether by the whole or half blood), ancestors, and lineal descendants.


Nomination forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or picked up from Hobbs Municipal Public Schools’ principals. Please turn your completed nomination form into the nominated person’s school principal or mail it to PO Box 3474, Hobbs, NM 88241. Additional information, such as letters from other nominators, students and co-workers, is encouraged.

If you know a teacher who can:

  • Develop a positive attitude in students toward school and learning
  • Earn the respect of students, peers, and parents
  • Inspire and reach students of all backgrounds and abilities
  • Be a resource for other teachers in their subject area
  • Demonstrate exceptional knowledge in their subject area
  • Ready students to leave their class for the next grade level, college, or the workforce
  • Be recognized as outstanding by other teachers and administrators 

Be sure to submit your nominations by downloading the form below or by filling out the form online.

Click the appropriate button below.

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